RARE, LIMITED, EXCLUSIVE, PRESTIGIOUS, NUMBERED, EXTREME, V.I.P. our MISSION is to provide to the rest of world these wines otherwise impossible to find and to get them because some productions are so limited  and year by year already sold out by the huge demand by national winelovers and wineshops.

Some our wines are not expensive also if the history, the varieties and the quality is very high, caused due to marketing reasons or for policy strategy by the producers not involved at abroad market, so is impossible to find out of italy and very hard to buy directly from the producer too. Now you know why we are DELUXE ITALIAN WINE.  

Exceptionally we accept orders from private winelovers otherwise we are interested in B2B relationship, this mean we offer our wines to big or national importers or distributors or important chain winestores. 

We operate different from others, the wine is not like a music CD or a pair of shoes, you need tasting personally. We not just sell wine online, our site is useful for you to discover our wines and to choose which wines are you interested to. After that we travel worldwide to reach you and our sommelliers let you taste the wines with description, history, quality etc... Mutual agreement later will be easy.  

If you would like to host us at wine fairs, wine events, special parties, public exhibitions, or you need some wine lessons for schools or you want offer a DELUXE WINE public tasting don't hesitate to invite us.