Olive Oil & Mineral Water


DELUXE ITALIAN WINE is Not Only Wine, we had selected two excellences of italian food and beverage, the olive oil and mineral waters by two producers that meet our high quality targets. 

Olive Oil comes from a land from south of Italy named SALENTO the best area of oil production in Italy.

AUL'IO is a fantastic Deluxe Oil mixed with GOLD. The PERFETTO 3 is a limited production of three kind of oil separated in three small bottles that put them all together becomes just one.

From Bognanco Terme AdIACQUA is a production of two special mineral waters the AUSONIA naturally sparkling and the GAUDENZIANA still mineral. Produced in a special designed bottle "Greek Amphora" by ALESSI only for high target clients and distributed only for selected five stars hotels and top class restaurants. 




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