Rare Top Class wines 


PRESTIGIOUS wines as ETOILE the sparkling one mixed with GOLD or the ancient VIGNA CARACCI the wine of the Roman Empire or FIVE ROSES the first italian rosè wine bottled since 1943 or the special 12 UVE a blended wine of six grapes varietes from Tuscany and six from France or the ES the winner as the best red italian wine. SGAJO the first 100% Prosecco Vegan wine. SATEN PREMIER  the Franciacorta blanc de blancs with only 4,60 atmospheres instead of 6.0, the silky wine.  

LIMITED wines as DICIOTTO produced only in the best vintages and numbered bottles, the name diciotto means eighteen and it's the alcohol degrees or VILLA dei MISTERI the real exclusive and rare wine produced in seven small vineyards inside the ancient city of POMPEI the grape has been recovered from the past centuries and cultivated like the ancient method or the worldwide famous FLAUTO MAGICO the wine of the MOZART vineyard where music of Mozart is diffused by a remarkable number of loud-speakers as part of a long-term scientific research about the sound waves can beneficially affect the vineyard supported by University of Flrenze and Pisa.

EXTREME wines as the rare SANTA PATENA the only one in the world with his vineyard reaches the height of 15 metres and hand harvested with wooden stairs or the sparkling wine ABISSI with immersion on the sea backdrops of the bottles put in steel cages to a depth of 60 metres at a constant temperature of 15° with permanence of eighteen months. the bottles are put further refinement in the mine of Gambatesa. 

NUMBERED wines as VENISSA real rare wine of an ancient grape recovered on a small Venice island, the glass of bottles are hand engraved numbered and the label are real gold handcrafted by local aritsans or the best PROSECCO of the world PRIVATE CARTIZZE pas dosè, only almost 1500 bottles produced each year.